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Bro Director
St. Benedict’s College, Colombo, has just celebrated 150 years of its existence. The key words that the jubilee organizers selected for the theme were FAITH, JUSTICE and JOY. Faith reminds us of a fundamental belief among the Lasallians that “God in His Providential care establishes Christian Schools”. St. Benedict’s is no exception. How it came to being and has developed over the decades to its present status is a marvellous story of God’s Providence. We are grateful to the Almighty God and to His human agents who have built this wonderful edifice of educational excellence.

Justice is a Gospel value for which Christ ultimately gave His life. The College anthem captures the idea of justice in the following terms: “true to our God and true to all men”. In the present context, it is truly a challenging task to promote values such as truth and justice among the student population. Joy is a divine gift given to all who accomplish God’s will on earth. In other words we are asked to find joy in fulfilling our Christian mission through and in the school. Therefore, the 150th anniversary of the College has brought to light the true purpose of its existence. The present generation of Benedictines are called to imbibe these values and become agents of change in the world we live in.

St. Benedict’s is ever young. It has not only a great history to recount, but also a great future to be accomplished. “Follow we ever life’s holy plan” is the key idea that should inspire the Benedictines to go forward with hope and confidence.

True development of the society depends on the quality of education we impart to our children. We are engaged in this mission “together and by association” as the traditional Lasallian saying goes. I am happy to note that numerous Benedictines here and abroad have come forward to support the College in many ways. In union with one another and altogether with the Lord, we are destined to achieve greater heights.

Bro. Henry Dissanayake, FSC
Director of St. Benedict’s College

St. Benedict’s College is fortunate to emulate two great saints as their models; St. John Baptist De La Salle and St. Benedict. Both Lasallian and Benedictine spiritualities guide both young and old students of this great institution to develop a sound character and a healthy personality.

Benedict as a person chose middle way, a lifestyle in which he tried to maintain a dynamic balance between individual differences and commitment to community, work and prayer, nature and contemplation. Through total commitment to education, De La Salle wanted to mould each individual student according to his talents and skills. He stressed the importance of educating the children to help them achieved their maximum potential.

I wish to highlight three common values in both Benedictine and Lasallian spiritualities, namely, faith, community and service. Faith is the foundation of any positive movement, through their faith in God. They made a great contribution to the society. Benedict invites. “Listen my child, Listen with the ear of your heart” Rule of Benedict – Prologue.

Focus on the community is an important factor. While each Benedictine should achieve his best individually, he does that with the special concern for the community. As a Lasallian, each Benedictine is expected to “Enter to learn and leave to serve”.

Whatever the knowledge, skills and experience a Benedictine has gained during his school career it must be channeled for the service of humanity. Therefore, a Benedictine should be the ‘Salt of the earth’ spicing up the lives of those who are deprived but thirsting for the love of God.

Rev. Bro. Janaka Fonseka FSC
Director of St. Benedict’s College

The 140 year old Benedictine spirit is legendary for taking bold initiatives to further the cause of its students, and this is another example of the boys of St. Benedict’s, ably assisted by the Old Boys of St. Benedict’s, following in that path.

St. Benedict’s College is the oldest Catholic school in Colombo, and it has produced thousands of men who have attained great heights in varied careers and thereby made their alma mater and country proud. The College is now in the process of educating a new generation of students with different educational expectations and career aspirations due to the possibilities created by Information Technology. The College has consequently invested millions of rupees to fulfill those expectations and aspirations, and the students and teachers who have collaborated to create this web site prove that our IT facilities are second to none. We at St. Benedict’s will continue to hone our students’ IT skills so as to make them productive citizens of the world even as we educate them within our Lasallian traditions.

Over 300 years ago St. John Baptist De La Salle proved that any boy, irrespective of wealth and social status, could be properly educated and molded into being a responsible and productive citizen, and St. Benedict’s, together with its worldwide Lasallian counterparts, continue to do likewise by melding religious instruction with rigorous discipline and education. I am confident that this web site will further advertise our pedagogical work with youth and the excellent institution that is St. Benedict’s College even as it helps create a stronger bond among our loyal Benedictine communities across the world.

Rev. Bro. Granville Perera FSC
Director of St. Benedict’s College


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