St. Benedictís College reunion of all past cricketers
Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on February 13 2014 00:24:48
The Old Benedictines Sports Club together with its Cricket Wing has organised a reunion of all past cricketers who had represented the college on Sunday 2 March 2014 at the college grounds for a full dayís program.

It was in 1964 that the Bens had the most remarkable cricket season under Sunil Fernando, beating almost all the leading schools in the country outright, and being invincible cricket champions. Do not forget that the games were confined to two half days at that time. In order to celebrate 50 years of this memorable achievement, the members of this team are reuniting in March this year in Colombo.

The Old Benedictines Sports Club together with its Cricket Wing which plays a very significant role in assisting the Cricket at St. Benedictís, has decided to take the opportunity of the getting together of the 1964 Champion team, to organise a reunion of all those who had represented St. Benedictís at Cricket from the years gone by up to 2014, as a forerunner to the 150th Anniversary celebrations of the college which falls next year. This reunion will be held on Sunday 2 March at the college grounds at 8:30 a.m. and will have a full dayís program, commencing with Holy Mass.

It is hoped, that as many past Ben cricketers as possible would be able to attend including those overseas. Of course, there is no doubt that those who are not able to come will be with us, in heart and mind. Please telephone Sri Lal De Silva on 0777362105 or email or telephone George Ranasinghe on 0727633437 or email and confirm your ability to attend.

While St. Benedictís Cricket is now very well structured, and has been very much in the ascendency and limelight once again in the last many years, a lot more remains to be done and this reunion will facilitate the bringing together of all the past Cricketers to lend a helping hand in many ways as possible, to bring back the glory days and more importantly to sustain it. Since a strong financial base is required to sustain the game in keeping with what is expected to compete with the best, they would like to use this reunion as a fund raiser to build a fund for cricket development purposes of the school.

Cricket at St. Benedictís has taught us far more than winning and losing and in fact has paved the way to taking us to where we are today, and we are all proud to have represented the best school of all.

Finally, all past cricketers are called upon to rally round their Alma Mater to achieve a successful reunion date scheduled on Sunday 2 March.