Old Ben Percy Pregasam - A dream home coming to his Alma Mater
Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on March 20 2013 14:08:48
Rev. Bro. Director had a rare visitor to college, namely ever loyal Old Ben Percy Pregasam from Canada. Old Ben Percy who is 91 years old, was overjoyed and very emotional to visit college and the playground today.

He was given a very warm welcome by Rev. Bro. Director at his office and had a good look around his old school, explaining and recollecting his young days in college to his family members who joined him today.

He was also accompanied to the college grounds where he was happy and honored to see his name on the board displaying the names of past captains of cricket (1942 & 1944) and soccer(1943 & 1944), at the upper pavillion, which he proudly disclosed to his family.

He also got the rare opportunity to be introduced to the current captain of the college cricket team Dilan Angelo Ratnasinghe and the team since they were playing a tournament match today with Dharmaloka MV, which they won. Percy also sat at the upper pavilion to witness the match for a short while too.

We also had another visitor namely Old Ben Kingsley Dep from New Zealand, who met up with Percy reminiscing their good old days in college. POG Mr. Vivian Saverymuthapulle too was present.

Our sincere gratitude to Rev. Bro. Director - Bro. Janaka Fonseka, for providing this opportunity to both Percy and Kingsley.